Sisterhood of the Spirit Retreat

April 21-23, 2017

As we commit to our transformations, our truth, and our walk with the Divine, we offer another Sisterhood of the Spirit retreat. The retreat will be held at: 

18601 Pathfinder Way
Nevada City CA 95959


Sisterhood of the Spirit is a time of nourishment, release and revival.

We will plunge into our sisterhood with discussions, celebrations and honor the power of being women. The quiet and stillness of nature will guide you back to your Soul. You will leave feeling nourished, alive and stronger.

This weekend is yours. You will have available many spiritual tools to restore, replenish, and to retreat.


  • Three days and two nights at SHADY CREEK RETREAT CENTER in Nevada City, CA.
  • Three daily local and organic gluten free meals a day (Vegan available)
  • Two restorative gentle yoga classes
  • Daily meditation workshops
  • Free time for hiking, relaxing and journaling
  • Accommodations are shared cabins
The Cabins
COST: $599

Reserve your spot NOW with $249 non refundable deposit

“ Being a mom of three children, a wife, and a business owner, there never seems to be a ‘right time’ when the calendar is empty for me to go on retreat. So I just go! I have been going on retreat for thirteen years and have never once regretted going. In fact, retreat reminds me of how necessary it is to retreat! On retreat, every level of my being heals. I find my joy again, remember how I want to live my life and come home with energy to give again. Trust me on this, your calendar is always going to be full.....just come!“ -Biffy Cotter