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Express Yourself: Creativity & Art with Rachel Miller

  • Yoga Shala Sacramento 2030 H St Sacramento, CA, 95811 United States (map)

The Yoga of Sex, Money and Creativity!

In these two workshop we will explore the relationship of the visible material world to the invisible and back again. How do our concepts and beliefs around money, sex and creativity effect our everyday lives? How can we work with our yoga practice explicitly to improve these area of our lives? We will be working with Traditional Chinese Medicine, chakras, subtle body and the challenge of materialism in our thinking and feeling life.

The first workshop will be a classical yin yoga workshop on the kidneys and urinary bladder. In Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘the kidneys’ physically include the adrenal glands, the ovaries and testicles, and rule over bone marrow which include the spinal column and brain. the connection between our organs, emotions, thinking and this practice will physically stimulate these meridians, thereby promoting more courage and will power.

The second workshop will be some yoga stimulating the liver and gallbladder which are the organs connected to creativity, some sound exploration that help open us up and then painting our yoga mats! we will supply the paints and brushes and you bring your mat to paint on.

The kidneys are said to be the seat of our courage and will power and throughout the two workshops we will keep coming back to how courage and will are necessary for creativity and happiness in our daily lives.

The workshops are open to all levels of experience and can be enjoyed separately as well as together.

Price: $30 per workshop, or $50 for both