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Reiki I & II

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)

With Nora Dykema

Do you want to be your own healer?
Do you wish to be a healing instrument for your loved ones, the planet, animals, and situations?
Do you want to see, feel, and understand the human subtle energy field with more clarity?
Do you desire a deeper connection with Self and universal energy?

Anyone can learn Reiki!

In this Reiki I and II Class you will open up more to your own amazing human abilities. We will learn how to use Reiki to heal or manage pain and illnesses of all types, heal from past emotional wounds, assist in our parenting, work on our pets, and send healing energy to our loved ones from afar.

An overview of the chakras will also be covered.

Norah is a Karuna Reiki Master receiving all of her trainings through the International Center for Reiki Training. She also works with Elemental Energies of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit holding the title of "Miacon," one who is able to teach and attune others to these energies. In addition, Norah has trained under world-renowned healer, Father Joshua in Energy Points Healing. Norah holds a BA in History & Women's Studies from The University of Arizona, and a BS in Health Information Management from Arkansas Tech University.

I believe every family should have at least one hands-on healer. One go-to person to offer loving, gentle, universal healing energy when allopathic cures don't work, or even to assist traditional methods of healing. Reiki energy can be used in so many ways! It really will change your life for the better too! Once you are attuned to Reiki it never leaves you.

Are you ready to change your life?

There is no prerequisite.

Reiki I-allows you to administer Reiki on yourself. If you have chronic pain, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancer, etc. you can offer some relief to these issues.

Reiki I-will be taught on Saturday, August 15th, from 12pm - 5pm. 

Course fee: $175, this includes your manual from the International Center for Reiki Training, and a certificate.

Reiki II-allows you to administer Reiki on others in person and from afar. You must take Reiki I in order to take Reiki II.

Reiki II-will be taught on Sunday, August 16th, from 12pm - 5pm.

Course fee for Reiki II is $175. You will receive a manual and certificate of completion Reiki I and II 

Total FEE for Reiki I & II: $350

Questions? Call Norah: (479) 970-4811