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Elemental Healing

  • Biffy Cotter's Home 5501 Susan Way Carmichael, CA 95608 (map)

with Norah Dykema

Mother Earth’s Energetic Healing Gifts

Elemental healing uses the five Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit to bring forth healing of ailments whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. These Elements are at the center of creation existing in all things, including humans. Norah teaches the specific Elemental frequencies acclimating students’ energy fields through ceremony. These energies will be accessible through the hands for Healers (for life) to administer to themselves, and to others.

Beyond the enhancement of healing through the hands, learning Elemental Healing helps one to reveal & access more of the Laws of Nature.

One of the Laws of Nature is that everything has a purpose, an exchange, and as we give, we receive, and so it is with Elemental Healing.

For example:

Earth Element:

  • Cleanses & transforms
  • Is the densest & most forgiving
  • We give our heavy energy (manure) to our Mother, she receives it as fertilizer that enriches her soil enabling her to give us back new life & perspectives

Our Mother Earth loves us unconditionally, and so does her healing energy.
The Elements & nature have an innate knowing. Their communications transmit freely through time & space. The more we immerse ourselves in their energies ~ the more we can energetically converse to experience the wisdoms & protections of Mother Earth.

In Jungian psychology, the Elements are linked with archetypal energies:

  • Air, thinking
  • Earth, sensing
  • Fire, intuition
  • Water, feeling

Norah will help students embrace the strengths of their personal Elements, and bring in the ones they may be lacking.

Students will benefit from guided Elemental meditations, these will also be included in the manual for future use with clients in healing sessions. These meditations are designed to “Elementally” assist in healing our physical, emotional, & spiritual issues. They also provide a natural layer of Mother Earth protection.

We are living in different times than before. As humans we must broaden our perceptions and expand our energies that are here for us! Our governments are acknowledging the existence of other life forms not of this planet. Norah is learning that her use of Elemental strategies bring her a level of protection.

This 8 hour course will also delve into an historical perspective on the Elemental healing practices of past traditions and religions, which include the learning of some healing Mudras. Mudras are hand positions that can evoke helpful healing energies when combined with intentions. Students will experience and learn to administer the powerful Elemental healing frequencies of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, & Spirit. Spirit energy is a healing blend of the four Elements.

Class Fee: $200, includes manual & certificate.

Questions call Norah (479) 970-4811

Earlier Event: February 4
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