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Super Sensitive Kids of the Aquarian Age - FREE LECTURE

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)

With Norah Dykema

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Aquarian Age Children

Aquarian Age Children are magnificent because they have the overall impact of raising the vibration around them with their ability to perceive with a more refined energy field than their parents, teachers, siblings, and others. They generally act from a higher consciousness! They fall under the umbrella of Star Children, which encompasses Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, and references the color of the aura.

Aquarian Age Children are often Energy Readers, Freedom Seekers, or Intense Reactors to chemicals, food additives, and other environmental stimulants. Some of them are little geniuses that are attracted to learning about science, geography, history, etc. at a very young age. Many of these Aquarians are seeing spirits and can astral travel.
There is also the Shadow side of the Aquarian child. Because these children feel everything more intensely, they often are having a hard time in school. They are experiencing sensory overloads from living amongst an environment that was okay for us when we were children, but is too harsh for their more delicate hardwiring. Lots of helpful parenting tips will be offered!
Norah Dykema is the author of Our Aquarian Age Children, a Practical Guide to Understanding & Raising Evolved Humans.