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Communication & Connection with Brinn Langdale

  • Yoga Shala Sacramento 2030 H St Sacramento, CA, 95811 United States (map)

Communication is an inevitable part of life, and ultimately, the key to connecting with others. But how often are we taught how to communicate appropriately and accurately? This three-hour workshop will incorporate a practical, successful communication model developed by the Authentic Leadership Center, with healing work around the Throat Chakra. One will walk away with a sense of what it means to fully express and empathically listen to others in the workplace, with family and with friends.

  • Starting with Self: Do you know what is truly going on inside you, in order to communicate accurately?
  • Everyone thinks they’re a good listener: How often do you listen, but are just waiting to state your case?
  • We all have great imaginations: What story are you telling yourself when someone else is speaking?

Cost: $25