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Radiant Body, Diamond Mind--A Kundalini Yoga Experience

  • Yoga Shala Sacramento 2030 H Street Sacramento, CA, 95811 United States (map)

with Jai Dev Singh

The heart moves the blood through the veins, the body breathes, and our lives somehow move onward through time. But a dream it may be.  Many move through their lives seemingly awake, yet practically asleep. Others, somehow awaken. 

The body becomes alive and the eyes illuminated. The tongue, the hands are given purpose, and the mind given subtlety to its perception. When the pituitary secretes its nectars into the bloodstream, the brain is given power. The life-force is concentrated, lifted upward, and life does indeed become alive.

What was once asleep is no longer. What seemed to be real is now illusion and what seemed an illusion has become very real.  Such is the way of the living yogi. 

When the subconscious dominates the being, we are locked into the unconscious habits of our past (karma). When the body is purified, the mind crystalized and the life-force enlivened, the way of dharma becomes a living reality. Our body is animated by love intelligence and our mind is guided by the brilliant light of radiance. 

In this live music Kundalini Yoga experience, we will use transporting yogic exercises, ancient Ayurvedic teachings, mantra and meditations to activate the bodies life-force intelligence and plug in to your source of spiritual electricity

Cost: $35

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