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Full Moon Yin Yoga + Reiki Healing

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)

with Biffy Cotter, Monica Biery & Krissy Aguayo


The full moon is a potent time to receive energy healing.

Three healers weave yin yoga together with their healing gifts in this powerful session. Join Biffy Cotter shamanic healer, Monica Biery aromatherapy healer and Krissy Aguayo reiki healer for a two hour yin yoga and meditative healing. Balance and activate the 7 main energy centers in the body known as chakras during this session.

Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki works on the mind, body Spirit trinity. Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into negative energy patterns of the human biofield and charges them with positive energy, elevating the vibratory level in and around the physical body. It strengthens energy path- ways, or meridians, to facilitate healing in a natural way.

Dr. Oz has conducted research on the effects of Reiki on his surgical patients with Julie Motz, RN, a Reiki-trained therapist, who assisted Dr. Oz during 11 open heart surgeries and heart transplants. These 11 patients had no post-operative depression, pain or leg weakness; no organ rejection (in transplants); a better functioning immune system, and a positive attitude toward healing.

Experience the healing benifits of Reiki, Shamanic and Aromatherapy. Wear comfortable clothing.


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