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Journey into Sound through Sanskrit

  • Yoga Shala Midtown 2030 H Street Sacramento, CA, 95811 United States (map)

with Bonnie Stewart

Sanskrit is the sacred mystical language of Yoga. Every letter of the alphabet is a mantra unto itself and every letter carries its own special sound and vibration that brings healing to the mind and body. Like Yoga postures, Sanskrit helps us to unlock the places that are holding us back from our being our brightest and lightest Self.

In this workshop, we will use Sanskrit as a guide as we journey into Yoga Philosophy, chanting, storytelling, and Yoga postures and we will discover how to bring peace and healing through simple recitation of the Sanskrit alphabet. This workshop will include some chanting and light movement. It is ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their yoga practice as a student or to further their development as a teacher.

Bullet points:

  • Learn the Sanskrit alphabet

  • Learn proper pronunciation for commonly used words

  • Enhance your understanding of Yoga philosophy

  • Discover how mantra can potentiate the effect of Yoga postures

  • Experience how every letter of the Sanskrit alphabet becomes it’s own mantra and meditation

  • Vibrate with the healing sounds of your own voice