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Beautiful Backbends: Smart, Safe, Accessible with Tyler Langdale

  • Yoga Shala Sacramento 2030 H Street Sacramento, CA 95814 USA (map)

This is an educational and experiential workshop focusing on the integrated alignment and supportive strength used to access the fluid flexibility of your spine, one of the most important structural super highways of your body & mind. 

This is an asana practice, but there will be lots of time for Q&A, demonstrations, discussions, and playing with poses. When done properly backbends have a powerful affect and create a burst of energy felt throughout your whole being. In order to delve into the depths of the spine, it takes time to effectively warm up the body, and then properly cool down too. 

This will not be a class on how many impressive bold backbends we can do. Instead this workshop is an opportunity to refine what you already know, and learn how parallel principles of alignment and awareness of internal energetic targets, can create healthy beautiful openings in your body & heart. 

These structural key components can then be taken into your own practice to be enjoyed regularly. 

Saturday Sept 6, 12-2:30
Cost: $30