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Crystal Clear: An Intro into Crystal World

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)
Photo by  Sarah Brown  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

with Chris Hartje

This beginner’s workshop is focused on the individual who is interested in crystals or may have purchased Crystals and is asking, “Now What?”

Chris will help students understand which Crystal is suited for them as the discussion of our own energy vortexes known as Chakras, will be touched upon so we understand how our energies resonate together.

We’ll explore how to choose your Crystal and address the many ways to cleanse, charge and program your beloved gemstone. We will explore the difference in energy between a tumbled and natural rough stone as well as how and where to store your Crystals. We’ll also discuss meditation and affirmations that you can use when doing your Crystal healing work

Come join Chris for this experiential workshop as he shares his knowledge with you in this very relaxed setting that will have plenty of opportunity for questions along the way.

Chris has plenty of crystals for everyone to work with, and available to purchase!


Chris Hartje is a certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner and owner of He holds multiple certifications in Crystal Healing for both human and animal companions under the teachings of Ashley Leavy, Kathleen Prasad, Lisa Powers, Tania Magdalene and Centre of Excellence just to name a few. “I’ve always had a connection with animals and feel the closest with Avian Spirit. I’ve raised and bred various species of birds for over 45 years, so I have a deep understanding and respect for them.” As a nature lover, the fascination with crystals seemed like a clear connection. “I really cannot pinpoint when I became drawn to crystals. It was simply a calling. As with birds, I found the crystals to be unique, beautiful and powerful.” Chris uses different modalities including energy scans, meditation and intuitive guidance to help clients with identifying imbalances in their energy vortices or Chakras. Specific crystals are then identified, suggested and discussed as to how they can help balance the energy within.

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