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Mindfulness in Everyday Life

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)

with Lindsay Goodlin

Have you ever gotten into your car and driven somewhere so automatically that you don’t remember how you got there? With the constant pressures and busyness of modern life, a lot of us end up going about our days on autopilot without even realizing it. We’re so busy, in fact, that we sometimes even forget to breathe! Rushing through our experiences doesn’t give us much opportunity to enjoy them or to slow down long enough to decide how we want to react in certain situations, but there is an antidote to our lack of presence, and that is to adopt a Mindful way of living. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to have a myriad of benefits, including reducing stress and emotional reactivity, boosting memory, focus and immunity, increasing relationship satisfaction and improving overall quality of life. You can practice mindfulness anywhere at any time and you don’t need anything to do it. In my personal life and in my work as a therapist, I have yet to find a better tool than Mindfulness for living a happy, purposeful life. In this workshop, we will explore the true meaning of Mindfulness and I will teach you how to implement Mindfulness Practice to help you be more present in your daily life. This will be an experiential training and participants will be welcome to share as much or as little as comfortable.


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Lindsay Goodlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience. After graduating with a Masters of Social Work, Lindsay went on to complete a Clinical Fellowship at UC Berkeley and has since worked in medical, eating disorder, mental health and addiction programs. Lindsay's approach is strengths-based and she draws primarily from Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help her clients live happier, healthier lives. Lindsay currently offers therapy and clinical supervision to people across California in her private online therapy practice; regularly produces articles for her blog and other publications (i.e. and provides trainings and consultation to companies and groups.