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Moving with Qi, Healing with Love

  • Yoga Shala Arden 4397 Arden Way Sacramento, CA, 95864 United States (map)

with Anand Parikshak

In this special evening workshop, visiting teacher Anand Parikshak will share teachings from the path of Daoism and Qigong. This path works with qi to cultivate lasting and meaningful wellbeing. In this evening of practice, participants will discover how to connect for self cultivation and healing through both moving and non-moving forms- discovering a path which heals the body, balances the emotions, and connects us with the essence of life.

The power of intention is immense
When one summones the qi, the universe reponds
Then, one accepts the fit with faith
Breathing in , breathing out
Qi flows in qi flows out
Blowing the dust from the human stove
Jolting the body from deep slumber
Qi engages the body with love
— Sheng Zhen Healing Stage 1

Anand Parikshak is a meditation teacher with a focus on the teachings of the Tao and the cultivation of emotional wellbeing. As an Indian-American, Anand was first taught meditation and posture from his father- the son of a yogi and Vedic educator. During his teens, Anand took a personal interest in meditation inspired by a connection to Nature and his main mentor, Dr. B Bayard, a Taoist practitioner and physician.  Under Dr. Bayard's training and the training of many great teachers, Anand has studied meditation, qigong, and Tai Chi Chuan. With respect to the teachings given to him, Anand now teaches and develops meditation/ mindfulness based programs for individuals from all walks of life. He has been honored to teach all around the world including with prestigious institutions such as UCSF’s Osher Center, American University’s School of International Service, and the United States Department of State.